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PRopensity fitness


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PROPENSITY FITNESS OFFERS AN EXPERIENCE Unlike others in THEIR market, SETTING A NEW STANDARD FOR WELLNESS PROGRAMS EVERYWHERE. PROPENSITY’S  FOUNDER, PAIGE, understandS that achieving optimal health isn't solely about lifting weights or striking yoga poses; it's about fostering a mindset of abundance, harnessing the power of manifestation, and aligning one's energy with their goals. Paige’s approach goes deeper, guiding individuals to unlock their fullest potential by cultivating a strong mind-body-spirit connection. Through PROPENSITY’S coaching EXPERIENCES, clients not only sculpt their bodies but also cultivate resilience, clarity, and purpose. PROPENSITY empowers individuals to rewrite their narratives, break through limiting beliefs, and step into their highest selves. WITH A unique blend of fitness expertise, spiritual wisdom, and mindset mastery, PROPENSITY BEAUTIFULLY DEMONSTRATES a holistic approach to health and wellness that yields lasting transformation.

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