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But - if you know me, you'll know I'm more than the sum of the "boxes" I fit into...

RISING ROSE was born from the dream of creating a space for the multifaceted nature of my passions - an open outlet for my creative expression not only as a human but as an artist.

Being an artist is not a job for me - it never will be. I did not find my way here from the results of a career aptitude test, or because I come from a long line of successful artists. No, despite all of my best efforts to run from this passion of mine (and yes, I tried desperately to be anything else) - being an artist is quite literally woven into the DNA that makes up my being. Creation is the vibrant thread running through the very fabric of my life.


What began as a passion project to keep me sane as an elementary teacher during COVID has blossomed into a vibrant & successful creative studio creating impact with businesses around the globe. Rising Rose has grown & shifted with me through each ebb and flow of my journey as an artist - but one thing remains the same: my unshakable drive to create, and to serve the collective with the power of art.


So, for you...

who can hear the familiar whisper of your dreams calling you to pursue them...I'm here to empower you to not only listen to that whisper - but to give it a f*ckin megaphone.

Let's create magic, together.

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